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 Yoga For Life is focused on helping you free your body & mind, by practicing HATHA YOGA.

Yoga helps you to become flexible and strong, whilst improving posture and balance, and is helpful in relieving aches and pains by using and stretching all the muscles of the body. 

A Yoga practice is a wonderful tool for relieving stress and anxiety, by using breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques, that can be taken and used in your daily lives, its calming effect improves your overall wellbeing practiced at your own pace.

This ancient and holistic practice gives you time out from daily pressures , come join us at one of our classes and enjoy the benefits of this beautiful practice.
For class times see below.
Most Yoga classes start with a short relaxation/meditation to allow oneself to become centred ready for the practice. The physical practice usually starts with warming up stretches and limbering exercises to get the muscles warm, the joints mobile and the body ready for the postures (in yoga, postures are called asanas). There may be a series of postures, or work towards one or two postures, followed by a longer and deeper relaxation at the end. The lesson may include breathing practices .
Clothing and equipment.

You will need a Yoga mat, preferably a sticky mat that prevents slipping. These can be obtained from most local supermarkets or sports shops.
It is advisable to take a blanket for the relaxation.
Wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows easy movement, a T-shirt and thin cotton leggings are fine. Try to avoid eating for 2 hours before a class.
It is important for students who are new to Yoga to inform the teacher of any conditions or ailments they may suffer from. All information will be kept confidential.
New students are surprised at the effect of this form of exercise. In your very first Yoga class, even if you have worked fairly hard, you may come away expecting to feel tired, perhaps exhausted; instead you will have a sense of well-being.  


Yoga at the Oast. 62 Bell Road Sittingbourne:

 Tuesday   6pm - 7pm           £7 or £6 each if you book a block of 5.
 Thursday 6pm - 7pm.          £7 or £6 each if you book a block of 5

To book go to contact us.

New class starting on 12th February 2019

Yoga Stretch

Tuesday   09.30 - 10.30                                          Tonics Fitness Centre
£5 for Tonics members (including mat hire)            The Woodstock Club
£7 for non members                                                    Broad Oak Road
Mat Hire £1 or bring your own                                      Sittingbourne
                                                                                    Kent  ME9 8AQ
Phone: 01795 423090

To book contact Tonics.

Singing Bowl Meditation.

Singing bowls are used worldwide for meditation, music, relaxation, and personal well-being. They create a range of sounds to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of  out-of-harmony parts of the body, mind and soul.

Personal sessions with Sarah based in Tunstall Sittingbourne.
£35 per session.    07817877764

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